A Unique Wilderness Eco Retreat B&B
and Organic Gardens

Earth-friendly vacation getaways 90 minutes east of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Enjoy a natural BC holiday-cabin B&B with organic gardens by the river and forest on 3 hectares
next to the spectacular Othello Tunnels.

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Booking.com Award - 9.1 - Trip Advisor 93%- Eco Retreat B&B

2016 Booking.com Guest Review Award
Rated 9.4 - "Wonderful" - 151 reviews

B&B Cabins

Sleep in one of three unique, historic and cozy cabins nestled in the forest, and more…

B&B Breakfast & Meals

"BC West Coast" light, healthy breakfast, organic gardens and more…

B&B Amenities

Beautiful outdoor spaces, wood-fired hot tub, sauna, river beaches, and more…

Eco Retreat B&B near Vancouver, BC

Relax and enjoy... 1½ hours from Vancouver, BC, Canada in the stunning mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Relax, play, eat, sleep…at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat B&B and Grown in the Dirt Organic Gardens.…away from the masses on seven forested acres alongside crystal emerald waters of the Coquihalla River…

Located near Hope, BC this unique wilderness B&B offers 'cabins and breakfast' and organic gardens showcasing the best that beautiful B.C. has to offer for your eco vacation and holiday getaway from May to September annually.

The geography surrounding at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat B&B provides for stunning scenery alongside the Coquihalla River… neighbouring the breathtaking Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and Othello Tunnels of the historic Kettle Valley Railway picture postcard beauty is everywhere.

Whether travelling from Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada or the USA, you are destined to have a most memorable getaway, vacation, or holiday, at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat B&B.

A “back to basics, live lightly on the earth” eco philosophy is imbued in all aspects of the eco retreat…a belief that everyone may be enriched by living in an environmentally-friendly way whether at home or away…and this is part of the richness you will find in your eco getaway experience at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat B&B.

Cabins in the forest, white sandy beach, outdoor natural wood-fired hot tub and sauna, delicious, healthy, West Coast B.C. Breakfast, large organic gardens from which you may eat freely, on-site kitchen, barbeque, and campfire, everything is here to accompany your days of exploration and relaxation.

You may be travelling from far across the globe looking for a quality destination vacation to explore the natural wonders of BC, Canada, or you may be travelling from local areas like Vancouver, Alberta, or Seattle for a little holiday getaway…perhaps you are a family sharing a special holiday, newlyweds sharing a honeymoon, or perhaps you are travelling solo for peace and rejuvenation... for over a decade our clients have told us they are so glad to have shared this little slice of heaven:)

Explore Eco Retreat B&B:

Relax…Opportunities to relax in nature at and around the Retreat are plentiful. Lay in a riverside hammock... lounge at the beach… snooze in the Riverside Nest… Sit by the river, sipping your wine… Languor in a natural wood-fired cedar hot tub, or authentic wood-fired Finnish sauna… read in the beautiful belvedere overlooking the river...

Come outside and play! Enjoy physical play in natural surroundings. Bicycles and helmets are available at the retreat for your enjoyment. Opportunities to play range from hiking, cycling, rock-hounding, and swimming to ladder-ball, bocce, croquet, and bubbles. With our location at the centre of 5 highways and several back-roads, hiking opportunities abound. Swimming and playing in the cool waters of the Coquihalla river can be quite fun on a hot day! Two swimming lakes are also located within minutes from the retreat B&B.

Eat Slow food, whole food, organic food, simple food… Breakfast included with the cabin is a typical "BC West Coast" healthy breakfast... natural, organic yogurt from a local dairy, fresh seasonal fruit, homemade granola with milk and maple syrup, and coffee and tea which are available any time. If you wish to have a full, hot, breakfast, you may choose from either sweet or savoury options, at a cost of $15 per person... our large organic gardens and on-site kitchen allow you the opportunity to create your own lunches, snacks, and dinners from really tasty ingredients that are good for you and good for the planet. Barbeques and campfires are provided for great outdoor cooking...restaurants are located in the small town of Hope, a short 10 minute drive away to satisfy every taste, and several of them deliver to the retreat...

Sleep to the lull of the river under the forest canopy in historic eco-friendly cabins with feather beds and line-dried linens. Enjoy the optional Riverside Nest to lounge or sleep by the river in privacy. Uniqueness reigns with sleeping options...two of the cabins are over 100 years old having been built when the Kettle Valley Railway was first opened...two of the cabins are micro-cabins wherein you may experience the “small house” revolution sweeping North America.

We are best known for our beautiful outdoor spaces, wood-fired hot tub, sauna, and stunning location. While our accommodations are ultimately comfortable, historic, uniquely-BC, and eco-friendly, they are not spacious or posh...just simply wonderful! The outdoor spaces reign supreme:)

The Homestead Cabin sleeps up to 4 people with an additional comfortable queen sofa bed, table and chairs, beautiful outdoor seating area with fireplace, and a private bathroom.

The Othello Cottage and Forest Mini-Cabin are micro sleeping cabins for two, with a bed and a place for luggage. Each has an outside patio area with fire. The private bathrooms for each of these 2 small cabins are located a short distance from each cabin.

Amenities offered at our wilderness lodge retreat are designed to have a low impact on the earth, and to provide you with balance, comfort, and fulfilment… peaceful, gentle, and away from mass urban stresses.

Explore Eco Retreat B&B at Kw'o:kw'e:hala and Grown in the Dirt Organic Gardens for your vacation or holiday getaway...

belvedere: outdoor river-view dining room organic garden riverside patio

The outdoor dining room, or belvedere, provides an outstanding view of the river for dining or lounging. Overlooking the river on one side surrounded by forest, enjoy breakfast and other meals at a large table, comfortable chairs, and a great view provide the perfect backdrop to ultimate breakfast enjoyment….or enjoy an afternoon reading on the sofa...or an evening by the fire...

The belvedere was constructed from cedar milled at a local homestead mill (from non-old-growth cedar ), by your hosts and our pro carpenter friend. No permanent foundation leaves a light footprint on the earth.

The organic gardens are an important feature at the retreat B&B. Not only does it provide the basis for delicious cuisine you may wish to cook on-site, it also provides an important link we miss in today's world between man and mother earth. We gain sustenance from tending the garden in the most sustainable way. Each minute spent "working" in the garden provides nourishment for the earth, our tummies, our minds, and our souls.

There really is no way to adequately describe the taste of freshly-harvested produce: incredible mouth-watering flavours of a sun-warmed strawberry, or a just-picked tomato eaten like an apple.

A small selection of seasonal fruits and berries are located around the retreat and around our entire area.

Riverside Retreats There are many ways to enjoy one of several riverside retreats. Whether sitting on the old riverside deck, or right at the water's edge on the natural rock...there is no more serene way to pass time watching the water, the birds, the sky.

kitchen and library room

The kitchen and library room is one of the areas where breakfast is served, where one may lounge inside in comfort, cook and eat a meal, select from a small library stocked with fiction, non-fiction, and a selection of magazines. The kitchen modestly provides all amenities needed to cook and eat any meal you wish to prepare, including barbeques and fridges.

Made from recycled lumber and fir milled on site, its walls are lined with cedar providing a wonderful aroma to the room.

All private washrooms for each of the cabins are an eco-friendly choice embedded in our philosophy of living lightly on the earth. Our eco waste system is a state of the art septic field into which all waste water empties. To dig trenches from each cabin to the central system would have scarred the land and destroyed roots necessary to keep the giant trees healthy, thus, the two private bathroom for the two small cabins are located together, a short distance from each of the two small cabins. Our inviting forests are also appropriate for a discreet “pee in the bushes” :) This type of system requires some discipline regarding what enters into it. Therefore, it is respectfully requested that no foreign matter or items be flushed.

Near the Eco Retreat B&B:


Near the retreat holiday and vacation opportunities are limitless. Hiking and cycling trails start right at the B&B's “doorstep” or, within 45 minutes drive, there are limitless trails of all levels of difficulty.

To the northeast, the best river rafting is just over an hour away though there is one 25 minutes away, and on the way is the historic town of Yale of the gold rush days, and Alexandra Bridge.

To the east is the Coquihalla corridor and its many hiking opportunities.

To the southeast just 15 minutes away, is Sunshine Valley, the place of the infamous Hope-Princeton slide wherein a mountain buried the valley in the 1960s and the site of the first internment camp of the second world war...another 30 minutes away is one of the Provinces largest provincial parks, Manning Park, with hiking, cycling, canoeing, and interpretive services.

To the south is the Silver Skagit road up to Silver Lake, hiking trails, and further along to Ross Lake (which is actually in the USA though only accessible through Canada).

To the west is Bridal Falls and Flood Falls. Also west though north of the Fraser River, 25 minutes from the B&B, is Harrison Hot Springs, a tourist area for swimming, water sports and canoe/kayak rentals.

Earth-Friendly Vacations at Eco Retreat B&B, Hope, BC
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