Practical Considerations

For maximum comfort and enjoyment of your eco retreat B&B experience, we offer the following practical considerations:

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Check-out: 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Children are welcome.

What we provide


The following provisions are available for B&B guests while at Eco Retreat B&B at Kw'o:kw'e:hala:

  • ecologically-friendly soaps and shampoos
  • bathrobe
  • all linens
  • water bottles
  • firewood
  • bicycles and helmets
  • a really good time

Other Practical Considerations

eco retreat

We are committed to the environment at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat. We ask that you observe and protect the environment by following our guidelines throughout your stay.

Open flames of any kind are not permitted anywhere on the 7 acres, except as provided at the fireplace areas. Use of tobacco products is limited to outside your own cabin given fire concerns and in consideration of other guests.

Our season runs from May to September annually.

The most practical thing of all… have a safe, healthy, fun time while you enjoy the many benefits At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat B&B.